• SIIT Faculties have wide international experience and exposure to Process Control Instrumentation. 
  • SIIT Faculties have up-to-date exposure to the latest developments of Process Control Instrumentation. Most of them are retired after long service in modern Instrumentation Fields in India and Abroad.
  • Some of SIIT Faculties teach in SIIT during their vacations, who work in companies abroad where they look after the Instrumentation Departments.
  • SIIT Faculties not only teach the practical tests of Instrumentation, but also share with the students the situations faced by the Instrumentation Professionals in the fields.
  • The Engineering Colleges have faculties with higher qualifications like M.Tech or PhD, but they are only teaching professional and have no Industrial or real plant experience. SIIT faculties have long year’s real plant experience, so they are able to train the students with Real Plant Instruments and Operational Working Mini Plants in SIIT Lab and also can share onsite experience with each Process Instruments and their Individual professional experienced events regarding Process Control Instrumentation. 

         This makes the faculty in SIIT unique