Siit Campus

The head quarter’s of SIIT is situated at Thalayolaparambu in an architecturally elegant new building in Kottayam district with centers and franchisees all over in Kerala.

The course Materials and Library of SIIT

Since the Instrumentation Technician Course is conducted only by SIIT in Kerala, the course materials are developed by the experienced faculty of SIIT and they are complied into book forming order to help the students to learn better and fast. These course materials describe in detail all the instruments used in the industrial plants.

In addition to this the SIIT library is well equipped with the journals, Instrument Manuals, Instrument Research Reports of Institutions like Instrument Society of America(ISA),etc. This makes the Library of SIIT unique

Hostel Facility

The institute is equipped with hostel facility for students’ coming from all parts of the country. The hostel facility is available for boys and girls separately.

Corporate Training

SIIT provides training in Instrumentation in theory and practical to industry sponsored candidates as per the syllabus / topics provided by the company.

Softskill Training

SIIT provides training in soft skills like computer awareness, personality development, communication skills, functional English, Model interviews etc.

The External Training Facilities

SIIT Students are provided training in JRD TATA automation India Ltd. Pune which is the Indian Training Centre of the Worlds most prominent Instrumentation Company, Honeywell.
This training institution provides training to the students of SIIT in Instrumentation systems like DCS/PLC/SCADA etc.

SIIT has In-plant Training Facility in Rashtria Chemicals and Fertilizers (RCF) Mumbai
Trainings in these training centers make the student capable of Independently handle all instrumentation jobs in a petrochemical plant.