Academic Advisory Board

SIIT has an Academic advisory Board of Instrumentation Professionals and each members of the board have vast and long years experience in the Instrumentation Industries in India and Abroad. This set of Academic Advisory Board is the uniqueness of SIIT and they are continuously conducting research and having contacts with Instrumentation Professional all over the world, therefore all of them are naturally acquainted with the development and innovations in Instrumentation and Industrial Automation. The curriculum of each Course of SIIT is formed according o the plan, advice and design of the Academic Advisory Board.  There for  the Curriculum of each course of SIIT is able to cope up with International Standards and able to equip each student as per the needs of current industry.

Steering persons of Academic Advisory Board are Mr. Shaji Joseph – Chairman [Founder & Chairman, SIIT], Mr. P.R.Sreenivasan – Head – Academic Advisory Board [General Manager (Rtd.), FACT, Kochi], Mr. S.Kalyanaraman – Chief Advisor [Deputy General Manager (Rtd.), FACT, Kochi]. 

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