School of Information and Instrumentation Technology is a reputed Educational Institution imparting training in Instrumentation Technology, which is one of the most promising areas for employment in the present age of modern technology labs and industries. When even many government owned institutions fail to provide facilities for quality practical training in Instrumentation, SIIT is able to give the best training with the help of sophisticated expensive modern equipments and well experienced faculty who have current working exposure to state-of-the art instrumentation facilities of Indian and Foreign companies. Also there are contracts with ultramodern Indian and Foreign companies to provide training to the students of SIIT in instrumentation including worlds prominent Instrumentation Company: Honeywell. And they are also trained PLC/DCS/SCADA.

Our Vision   
Develop skilled Instrumentation Experts, Meeting the global needs of industry.

Our Mission
Promote the partnership of industry and education by

• Upholding international standards for instrumentation professionals.
• Training activities to assure the existance of a sufficient quantity of qualified Instrumentation Technicians / Engineers who are highly sought after by industry world wide

Instrumentation Technology
All Modern industries like Refineries, Petrochemical Industries, Steel Plants, Cement Industries, Shipyards etc. work under Automation using computer technology. Under this system, the activities of different machines are regulated using information about the levels of various parameters at each action area/field, like temperature, pressure, liquid flow, liquid level, velocity, density, and many others.

This achieved with the help of various equipments that are capable of converting these parameters in to electric / electronic / pneumatic signals and send these signals to the master computer systems in the computer rooms. The master computer recognizes these signals analyses them and send back appropriate signals to the field that activate the control elements like control valves, etc. to a desired level so that the parameters brought to the desired level and maintained at the desired level for desired periods.

The observation, measurement and signal conversion of the industrial parameters are done by the sensors, and transducers. They are called Instruments and the study about the Automatic Control Systems is known as Instrumentation engineering

Thus Instrumentation is the science and art of measurement, control, and process manipulation, Instrumentation is the technology of creating, constructing, and maintaining the measuring and control devices and systems that equip the manufacturing plants and research Institutions so vital to today’s manufacturing and processing technology.

From Small Scale Industrial Units to Large Scale Petrochemical Refineries use numerous Instruments. The operation , Maintenance and periodical calibrations of such instruments need the services of thousands of Instrumentation technicians.